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Originally Posted by Dump and Chase View Post
Do you need to be in the top 1 percentile in genetically ingrained pattern recognition skills to play in the NHL? I suggest the answer to this would be No!

Do you need to be "elite" in a genetic pre-disposition for spatial recognition to play in the NHL? NO!

We can all agree that having these predispositions will make it easier for an individual to exhibit good "hockey sense". Hopefully we can also agree that these skills can be learned by the average individual as well. Hell...let me prove it!!

NHL hockey players on average are very much defined by their month of birth. IF you don't believe me, go read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Since it is a proven fact that most NHL'ers are born in the first quarter of the year we can easily rule genetic predispositions out of the equation. can provide proof that people who carry dominant genes in pattern recognition and spatial relation do most of their conceiving in the months of May, June and July

Can pretty much anyone learn to have better hockey sense? Yes!
Gladwell also notes that the reason kids born on those months develop into NHLers is that for most of their lives, they have a six-to twelve-month developmental advantage over people born much later in the year. The difference can be huge and is often decisive. Slightly older participants are more likely to be selected for travel teams, for example, because they tend to be more mature physically and psychologically. There is a huge difference between someone just shy of their 7th birthday and someone who has just turned 6 - even though they are both technically 6 y ears old.

Its January for hockey, May for baseball, and August for soccer.

This is a much different argument than the general principle that people with the right tools have an easier time developing what we call "hockey sense".

Can we all improve our hockey sense? Sure. Will a kid with average mental tools ever have better hockey sense than a kid with extraordinary mental tools? Very doubtful.

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