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Originally Posted by Sanderson View Post
Pätzold, Reul and Pietta are not on the final roster. Each team is allowed to carry 22 players plus three goalies, Kölliker wants to go with 20+2 for now.

No idea what he is waiting for. It's not like we have better players left who could arrive later on. In case of injuries he's going to nominate one of these three anyway, so why not have them on the roster right away?
I don't understand it either.
The only thing I can think of is that Kölliker wants to have the opportunity, in case of injuries, to not replace the injured player with either Pietta or Reul, but with some other player who might be more similar to the one injured. But it makes no sense whatsoever with Pätzold, because he is a goalie.

What a rollercoaster ride for Pietta. First he is on the team and plays well in the friendlies, then he gets cut, then Mauer gets hurt, and he is back on the roster, only to be cut again, to keep a spot open, for whatever reason.

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