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Originally Posted by Coldplay View Post
Oh spare me.

Gauthier disgraced this organization in every conceivable way this season. By all accounts, he's a megalomaniac control-freak who just happened to "respectfully" trade a player mid-game, lie to his fanbase repeatedly, scapegoat the assitant coach a few games into the season, refuse to tell players where they were dealt, and, best of all, apologize to his fanbase for hiring a new coach.

And you have the actual nerve to chastize me for disdaing him.
By all accounts? Interesting how that tends to be an expression that doesn't really mean, well, anything. What accounts are these?

A lot of what transpired seems peculiar, certainly. Perhaps even inexplicable. That doesn't change that we're largely getting one side of the story, from a media that we (on this forum) frequently chastise for being unprofessional. Further, this media has numerous reasons to present a biased account of Gauthier: he made their lives difficult.

I don't believe that Gauthier's as miserable as you and others have tried to claim. It's too one-sided, and such miserable incompetent individuals aren't GMs of three franchises with many connections and loyal friends in the NHL.

Frankly, your hostility seems ill-conceived.

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