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Originally Posted by Beechsack View Post

The objective is to keep your good players and get more of them. Not trade them.

The joke used to be that the Sabres were the development team for the rest of the NHL; make good players, then trade them away because they couldn't afford them. I'd rather not go that route.
This... X10.

Why trade a player just because he's had a career season? Pominville has been fairly consistent in his career and he makes the Sabres a better team. He's a solid point producing 2 way forward and he's only 29 going on 30. He is in about the middle of his prime and should be a very good player for at least a handful of years to come.

Unless we are making a trade that will clearly make this team better both in the short and long term, I'd be against the idea of trading while Pominville's value is high. We shouldn't be shopping our players just because they have a career season if they are a largely positive value to us. I would want to see a great return for Pominville if we entertained a trade proposal.

Cycling through players just because they may be at their peak is not something I am fond of and I don't think it would be looked up favorably by NHL players in general. One of the things players want is a certain amount of stability for themselves and their family. I think that is one of the top considerations when a player evaluates a contract, one of the things you always hear about with FA negotiations is term length. If we want Buffalo to continue along the idea of being Hockey Heaven and a destination for players then we need to consider how we do business with the players we have in our organization.

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