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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
I didn't compare HIM to Gomez I compared trading the #3 overall pick for him and giving him big $$ expecting him to carry the team to Gainey trading McDonagh for Gomez and his contract.

It's still adding yet another #2 center. If I was to make that kind of deal, then trade for Getzlaf, at least you can reasonably expect to get #1 center production out of him.

Trading for Staal is more a band aid solution than a remedy.

In terms of need, we need a winger behind Cole and Pacioretty waayyyy before another 50-60 point center...same for a #3-4 shutdown d-man.

People need to give up this crazy dream that having a big #1 center magically makes you a powerhouse big is Richards? Giroux? Henrique? Vermette? McDonald?

How far did big centers bring Pittsburgh? San Jose? Columbus? Anaheim? Calgary? Minnesota? Tampa Bay? Vancouver?

I see no direct corrselation between success in the NHL and the size of your centers. Sure you need size on your roster and can't win with a team of 5'8" smurfs, but that size has to be blended in up front and on defense to make room for the smaller players. Desharnais size is a non factor because he has 6'2" wingers.
Getzlaf has basically been a point per game player...topped 81 points only once and hasn't been over 76 in the last 4 years. Why is he a quality number 1 center?..because he has size, grit and is dependable in both ends of the ice even though he doesn't put up superstar offensive numbers...all similar attributes to Staal IMO. Staal was on pace for about a 65 point season this year spending practically half the year on the 3RD line. He was a beast in the playoffs, a sensational penalty killer and is already regraded as one of the best 2 way centers in the game..and he's only 23 years old. If this guy gets 1st line minutes somewhere I think he's gonna shine and all things being equal (i.e. he'd be signed long term) I'd take all of that any day of the week.

To me thinking that DD and Pleks is a good enough 1-2 punch to make us an elite team in this league is kind of a crazy dream. Size isn't everything agreed..I really like DD and I don't mind Pleks...and I'm also convinced that this is not good enough to compete with teams at the elite level and in the playoffs for a variety of reasons. As you said size has to be blended which is why one of those guys in the top 6 is fine...not both of them. Staal combined with DD for example for reasons already mentions instantly makes us a significantly better team IMO.

True we need more depth at wing as well..we also need more size, stability and aggression on defense..all reasons why we finished 28th. All these things have to be addressed over time. I think you are underrating Staal and what this guy could be if given top minutes, and given his youth think he is a proven option so we'll just have to respectfully disagree on that. Having said that, there are not many guys or situations I would deal this pick for as I think we do need to build through the draft..this just happens to be an intriguing option. Given though that he can't be negotiated with till after the draft and because when all is said and done I'm not sure the Pens will want to let him go, we'll probably in the end be talking about who we drafted and hopefully how he can help us moving forward.

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