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Originally Posted by plusandminus View Post
I have now somewhat repeated your study, doing it for all seasons from 1948-49 to 2010-11. I use factual points per game for players being 23-27 years old during the first of the two seasons compared, and they should have played at least 40 games during each of the two seasons and scored at least 15 points during each two (to avoid extreme point per game changes). Only Canadian forwards, about 20 per season during O6 and then at least 40 per season from that onwards.
Results are preliminary so far, but a few notes. There seem to have been a large increase between 1971-72-73 (WHA started, NHL expanded from 12 to 14 teams using a balanced schedule meaning getting to play 12 more easy games). The 1973-74-75 also seem to indicate a change (NHL going from 16 to 18 teams, and Washington allowing 446 goals in 80 games, while WHA still existing).
Are the increases in actual or adjusted PPG?

There were distinct increases in '73 and '75, after a huge increase in '68. After '76, there appeared 6 successive decreases.

Do you think ages 23-27 is a bit restrictive?

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