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05-03-2012, 07:24 PM
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Do we Boo?

It's Game 4. We're pumped. Crowd going crazy. Rads and/or AK46 are in the line-up. One either gets announced as part of the starting line-up or comes out for his 1st shift.

Do we boo?

The natural reaction is going to be to boo. Should we?

It's a conflicting buzz-kill. Singling them out to send a message means we're booing our own side. If we cheer, as we normally would, then it could be interpreted as letting-bygones-be-bygones. Bad boys are off the hook.

The last thing we need is to sub-optimize our home ice advantage. A wild crowd in unison is a weapon. We need all our weapons. We need everyone who plays to play well.

But we're pissed at both of them and want them punished. Yet, if they feel remose and want to prove they're really team players, then they'll potentially bust it to win us back.

All that said, I'm afraid we'll boo. There's 50% we boo everytime one carries the puck. What a cancer that would be.

What's Pred fan to do? Maybe Trotz will wait until we're back in AZ to play them. Let them gain redemption at the scene of the crime.

Weigh in.

Sit on your hands

p.s. - Maybe Trotz should have them come out by themselves, let the crowd get the boos out of the their system, let them go back into the clubhouse, and then have the whole team do their normal entrance.

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