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Based on these quotes the win was not handed to them in any way. Sounds like the Blues came out aggressive in the 2nd and 3rd periods. This article is ridiculous.

Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Quotes from your own article:

"It wasn’t the best, there’s no secret to it,” Kopitar noted. “We had what? Six shots the rest of the way? That’s not good. It didn’t hurt us last night—we had the start we wanted, but you want to stay consistent, and play [like they did in the first period] for sixty minutes.”

"Desperation mode kicked in for them,” Kopitar added. “They came at us hard, and scored an early goal, but we were focused enough to come right back, and answer that, making it a four-goal lead again. That was huge, but the rest of the way, I thought we played OK, [but] we didn’t play up to our standards.”

"I don’t think that was one of our best,” said Carter. “They picked up their game, and we sat back a bit. It was kind of a weird second and third, with all the penalties. There wasn’t much flow, and it took a lot of guys out of the game, with all the penalty-kills.”

"We weren’t very good, especially in the second period, and we took way too many penalties in the third,” said defenseman Drew Doughty. “But we played great in the first, and having a four-goal lead like that, it’s kind of tough to play the rest of the game, mentally, and I didn’t think we did a great job with that.”

“You saw the lapse we had in last year’s playoffs against San Jose, when we let them comeback and win [when the Kings had a 4-0 lead, only to lose Game 3, 6-5 in overtime, on April 19, 2011], so we have to make sure that if we get up to a lead like that again, we don’t give them those chances to get back in the game.”

There's all the quotes from your article. Where in any of those does one player say they were dominated in the second and third periods? They say the could play better, and they sure could, but no one is saying they were dominated. The last quote above, from Doughty, says how they didn't give them the chances to get back into the game like they did against San Jose. Big difference between not playing our best and getting dominated. They didn't get dominated.

If you think the players said they were, you might want to reread what you yourself wrote.

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