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11-23-2003, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Munchausen
I agree, and I think it could be pretty easy to solve. In light of all the Gauthier trade proposals started by Flames fans, it seems he has become pretty expandable on that team and could probably be had for cheap. I'd rather have him on the 3rd pairing than Bouillon.

Also, Komisarek would probably do a much better job in that regard than Rivet. He's much stronger and more physical. So trading Rivet for a forward (a big physical 3rd liner ala Grier would be my choice) and bringing back Komisarek could help solve that problem a little more.

I'm starting to be anxious awaiting for that 1st Gainey move.

Souray - Quintal
Markov - Komisarek
Gauthier - Brisebois

We wouldn't have any problem clearing the crease anymore...
Well, that works for me, but it still doesn't answer the question of why Smythe left the ice after that play under his own power. This isn't about being big, strong or tough. This is about "protecting your goaltender" and I don't care how big or small you are, you respond to such a blatent foul, and you respond emphatically, effectively and IMMEDIATELY. This should have been grilled into all these guys heads by the time they were 14. It was in mine at that age. If you don't, then its going to keep happening. The miracle is, with all the runs at Theo that have been permitted to occur over the past couple of seasons, it's a wonder the guy is still able to play, but we WILL lose him sooner or later to injury because of it. It happened on the Varada play, and it'll happen again. Quite honestly, I just don't understand any hockey player standing by and watching someone run his goaltender like that without going nothing short of berserk, but I played in a different era, so that might explain it.

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