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Originally Posted by PaStromey View Post
Somewhere in South Korea, leaponover is going insane right now, Bluechipbonzo is contemplating suicide and I'm just...very dissapointed.
OMG!! Just saw this, yes I am going INSANE!!! WTF!! I know this wasn't totally in Snow's control because he still has to make the decision but not even a {MOD EDIT} comment from Snow? This is why I said work fast!! Ughh, where's the Swedish guy who said no hurry?

Well, the only good thing is we didn't waste a high draft pick on him but this is truly some BS and now I can say let the ***** waste away in the KHL and be careful on the plane rides...

****ok, read the rest of the comments and I get the sick mother thing, BUT is it weird for me to want to know what we are talking about here? Is she on her death bed? Is she sick with the hopes of getting better? Is this a lingering disease where he may never leave? Did anyone tell him how good health care is in the states?

Seriously though, what is she sick with?

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