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03-19-2006, 04:04 PM
The Fuhr*
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Name: Kevin

Age: 21 (22 in September)

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Fav All time Senator - Daniel Alfredsson

Fav Current Senator - Peter Schaefer

Fav Non Ottawa Players - Michael Handzeus

Fav Teams(s) - Ottawa Senators, Toronto Blue jays

Least Fav Team(s) - Leafs

Fav Movies - Saw 2,Sin City, Pulp Fiction,Devils Rejects and Blow

Fav T.V. Shows - Dead Lke Me,Hockeygames,MythBusters

Music - Favourit Bands are: NIN,Tool,Mudvayne,Godsmack,SOAD and SoundGarden

Hobbies - Watching hockey,Partying,Video Games and listening to music

Fav Food - Hamburgurs

Fav Sens Moment - May 2nd 1998. The 8th seed Sens beat New Jersey 3-1 in game 6 to advance to the second round of the playoffs. I remember Woohoo by Blur blaring as a I sat in my bedroom as happy as I could be. That was awsome.

How I became a Sens fan - Playing NHL 95 when I was 11. I had played with a stacked Detroit team but for some reason Ottawa was dominating the league in the game. I checked out the roster and it sucked. I started reading about the team after that and seen how they developed players and how they were run. Ever since then I became a fan.

Orgin of Screen Name - Last name with favourit number. 8 represents Lindros best powerforword before cuncussions hit him. 6 represents Lemieux my favourit player ever. Thus we have Fuhr86

Jersey's Owned - Schaefer away jersey

Married - No

Kids- none

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