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Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
Well considering the majority of the best players from other countries play in the NHL, this is an extremely poor example. To extend it even further, KHL and other European leagues are still available to watch to a degree, and we can see that various former NHL players have gone over and done quite well in those leagues, giving some level of the competition. This is a very different thing. A valiant effort on your part though.
Sure, but I'm willing to bet that something like 99% of North Americans have never seen a KHL match in their life and still think that Kozlov's, Kovalev and Yashin are at the top of KHL and should still be on the National team. Since there is VERY little hyping of players from Europe, I bet most NA fans wouldn't know the first thing about 80~90% of the Czech, Finnish, Swedish and Russian rosters. And that would extend to to the current generation of players growing up in that part of the world.

Some people, like scouts, are an exception- but they are few and far in between. Everyone else is just guessing on per-concieved notions, which are very outdated.

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