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Originally Posted by Mighty Joe Moon View Post
As for point #1: What?? You keep the AHL over the NHL? Uh...who wouldn't jump at that chance to move on?
The guys who rabidly follow the prospects, and the people resenting going from competing with Vancouver to being their farm club would be the ones who would have preferred the WHL over the AHL. Being from Winnipeg, I have a hard time seeing a WHL team doing better than the Moose did in the same circumstances.

Point #2: True enough.

I never believed more exciting=better quality. The CFL can certainly be more exciting more often than the NFL, but a lot of the excitement comes from broken, sloppy play. I see the AHL and CHL having a similar dynamic. If you're emotionally invested enough in your team, two sides playing the trap against each other can be pretty darned exciting.

The biggest issue the AHL has, is none of the fans know anything about the opponent or its players, it's a continental league filled with second cities or suburbs of large metro areas so it's missing that extra level for rivalries. People in Binghamton know nothing of Abbotsford, people in Abbotsford aren't necessarily sure whether Manchester is in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts or England. Portland? I thought that was in Oregon. What do you mean there are two teams named 'Admirals'? What's the difference between Saint John and St. John's? It's that much harder to get excited for a game against an opponent you know nothing about. That was easily the biggest thing I didn't like about the AHL. Plus the AHL being second tier, it doesn't garner the coverage in the local papers versus the other sports options, especially in larger cities. Cleveland newspapers are supposed to divert pages from the Browns, Cavs and Indians to the Lake Erie Monsters? The CHL has no such issue. You'll learn about your opponent in your small town rag (I know plenty about the MJHL Selkirk Steelers thanks to those papers), you'll remember the players from the World Juniors. You get teams from comparable sized towns/small cities in your own part of the world, so there's that connection that is lacking.
I know about the other teams in Milwaukee's conference. I follow websites for Chicago, Houston and Rochester. The Admirals didn't play the Amerks this year, again. We went to one game last year and the year before at the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester. It was interesting seeing all of the banners. I peak at Peoria, Texas and OKC werbsites sometimes. I listen in on the PPPS and caught a few games on the NHL Network, seeing Manchester and Portland. The Eastern is a bit of a mystery to me, but I am better at geography than most people in the US. I get confused between Saint John and St. John's, even though I should not. I never heard of Abbotsford before they joined the AHL. My wife's family is from upstate NY. Some of them seem to think that we are still fighting the Indians out here in Wisconsin and don't realize that we are 90 miles from the Loop in Chicago or 60 miles from O'Hare.

You are correct on the newspaper coverage. The Milwaukee paper is literally around the corner from the Bradley Center. But what do you see? A big story or two about what players the Green Bay Packers might take in the NFL draft. A little filler story about Milwaukee winning a game way down yonder in San Antonio. The Bucks snatch defeat from the jaws of victory for the sixth game in a row. The Brewers 5th starter blows out his rotator cuff in his third start of the season. NASCAR had a 28 car wreck. A driver with a name that I can't spell or pronounce wins the Indy 500.

I was in Indy about 12 years ago. The newspaper had an entire page of hockey coverage on a Sunday. If the MJS had that, I would probably have a heart attack. IHL, AHL, NHL, Central league, scores, game summaries and standings. It was like heaven. I find better hockey coverage in the USA Today than in Milwaukee. No wonder that the newspapers are dying.

Congrats to St John's and hang in there!

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