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05-03-2012, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Coutsiephan View Post
Exactly...his style can only go so far in the playoffs in particular. I think for the reg season he knows how to keep the team on task to make the playoffs but not sure how much longer he can do that although he's got a lot of young and new players who should not really be tired of him yet.

Regardless if Lavi sticks around or not I still think we have a great future.....let's face it most people were happy with ousting Pitt and the rest was going to be gravy. Devils right now are just more motivated and healthy....
This team is designed with lavy's style of play in mind to be honest. Very fast and agrgressive with talent.

However this Devils matchup is proving to be a bad matchup for us. There clutch and grab style is really slowing us down and making things frustrating.

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