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05-04-2012, 12:03 AM
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Can I just say again I hate Lilja...their third goal never happens if he makes the easiest defensive play ever and just keeps the puck moving along the boards. But nah...the genius decides to move the puck BACK into the traffic area that Carle had just barely gotten the puck out of moments before. And then he gets muscled off the puck. It's decisions like these that make me wonder how he's made it in the league this long to the point that he's considered a veteran.

This team keeps ripping my heart out...I'm not going to say that we're a better team than the Devils (although I THOUGHT we were going into this)...but the Devils are not this good. They're good, but not this good, we're making heroes out of them. It's disgusting.

And where's rockstar Giroux been lately?!?! Again, how does a dude so high on his game vanish so quickly? Yeah he made a play that eventually turned into a goal, but my lord, he's the best player on the ice but hasn't shown up the past two games. He NEEDS to be better and contribute every night.

This team is why I drink.

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