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Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
players are dying to get out of the ahl, not st.john's specifically. they're only in the ahl because they couldn't make the parent team. they hope to get called up, they hope to get out of their current situation.

in junior, the players are typically there for 4 years. there's no parent team to be called up to, no parent team calling the shots. that's the difference.

you must not have been looking. i listed some of the current nhlers, and some star nhlers, that played here in the q. oddly enough, you could add the jets' current starting goalie to that list.

its not an argument, just a question. clearly, newfoundlanders are different. including their tastes in hockey. i just wonder why. it seems very strange to me, i don't have any explanation for it.

i don't see how anyone could disagree with what you're saying here. 40 straight sellouts tell the story.
I'm not really understanding what point you're trying to make with the first bolded statement. I can't argue the fact that AHL players would rather be playing in the NHL and want to get up there as soon as possible because that should be every AHL player's goal IMO. So are you trying to say that just because they don't want to be here and just because they never made the parent club that they're gonna sulk all year and not work as hard as they should? If so then I really think you're got it all wrong. Just think about it for a minute. If you're stuck playing in the AHL and really want to make the NHL then how would you go about trying to make the parent club? I don't know about you but I know if that were me, and i'm sure these players are in the same boat, I would work my butt off every practice and every game and I would come to the arena with the best attitude I possibly could and try to make the best impression possible. If most players on every team in the AHL has this same attitude, which from what i've seen is the case, then you're gonna see some pretty damn good quality hockey.

With respect to the second bolded statement, the only explanation I can give for this is that most Newfoundlanders, including myself, would just rather watch the next best league, with regards to quality of play, that we can get here. Like I said before, I would love to have seen the Crosby's, Giroux's and Letang's playing at Mile One but I'd much rather see an overall faster more skilled game like we have here now with the Icecaps. I don't know why this is so strange to you.

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