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05-03-2012, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Jacob View Post
Fleury hasn't been great in the playoffs since 08. Even in 09 he was equal to Marty Biron, getting outplayed by Varlamov or shoveling pucks into his own net against the Red Wings. He came up huge when he had to, but he was also a big reason why the Penguins went down 0-2 in the Finals, and why the Caps series wasn't over in 5 or 6.
2009: Fleury was our MVP against Philly, Came up HUGE in Game 7 against Washington, didn't really need to do much against Carolina, let in 1 goal in Game 6 and 1 goal in Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Final against Detroit. I think it's safe to say you're selling his '09 run short.

Originally Posted by Jacob View Post
And if you're comfortable with a goaltender performing as Fleury did in 09, that's cool. He definitely hasn't done anything since then.. and whatever clutch abilities he established for himself in 08 and 09 were just as quickly erased in the past 2-3 playoffs.
2010: Fleury clearly got outplayed by Halak but so did our forwards. Halak at that time was the hottest goalie I had seen since Giguere 2003. Even better than Roloson 2006. And we lost in 7 games, it's not like we got stomped. Fleury more than gave us a chance to win if we could have just buried on Halak.

2011: I'm not sure how anyone can even count this as a playoff run. Our top line was Neal-Letestu-Kovalev for Christ sake! True, we did blow a 3-1 lead but that 3rd win came from a super flukey Double OT goal by Neal. It wasn't like we were dominating that series. Fleury had about 1 really bad game and then we lost Game 7 1-0 and our Powerplay for the series was 1-for-31. Again, Fleury gave us a chance to win. Tampa went onto sweep Washington then come within 1 goal of being in the Stanley Cup Final.

2012: Well, that was ****ing weird. It was partly Fleury but in my opinion, it was more our defense. Maybe I'm wrong, it's hard to diagnose just what was going on. Fleury had to be better, yeah, but it takes a team to go 33% on the PK and for us to let in 3 PK goals?! If you score on the PK it's typically on a breakaway, which Fleury faced a lot of. Fleury wasn't the reason we lost Game 1, and if our PK is even at 67%, we get past the Flyers. Not to totally relieve Fleury, he wasn't sharp either but his gaffs came 5-on-5. My gut feeling is that any goalie in the world wouldn't have been able to make up for how bad our D was. Maybe I'm wrong. That was a really weird series so I can't say with absolute certainty but I don't see it.

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