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Originally Posted by Sanderson View Post
He played in 2001 and 2002 as well. Yes, that was before he left for North America, but just like you can't ignore the fact that playoffs prevented him from playing most of the time, you also can't ignore that he did play for Germany before.
while in europe, everyone wants to play for the national team. it's where the scouts are. as soon as the NHL contract is signed, the interest is gone. that's my point.

Sturm has only played in three World Championships since moving to North America as well, with plenty of times where he could have played and didn't, yet no one doubts that he likes to play for Germany.
oh, it's not just seidenberg. i don't like this mentality that the european players can work hard to get olympic qualification and the NHLers join at the olympics to get the media attention. either play WC too and help to get qualification or stay away at the olympics too. during the olympics it could be a nice rest to spend time with family too, but somehow hockey players never come up with the family argument during the olympic break.

and long season, that i love the most. how many games do some national team players in europe play? if you consider the european trophy in august, the reg.season, the play-offs and the national team games in between, it's not shorter than a NHL season.

am i unfair to seidenberg? maybe. but he's still the guy who was too lazy to bring the cup to germany.

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