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Originally Posted by adsfan View Post
In Wisconsin, we have people driving around with crazy BACs, like 0.30. They get in big trouble around the 4th or 5th time they get caught. The laws used to be even more lax. One guy has been caught 14 times. This week a lady was killed by a drunk driver in Milwaukee. Her son was called. He jumped into a car to drive to the scene. He was killed by another drunk driver on the way, it was about 2 miles (3 km) from his home to the place where his mother was killed. It happened in the daytime. It is unbelievable to me. I rarely go to a tavern. Some people go every Friday. We need to enforce some more rules in the USA to keep people safe from the knuckleheads.
I sincerely believe that the main issue in getting drunk drivers off the streets is their inability/stubbornness to call a cab or take public transportation. In a city like Nashville (which, by the way, according to a recent article has the most DUIs per capita among American cities), and I'm sure Milwaukee, and most mid-sized major cities, public transit is limited and cab rides are expensive because of how spread out the area is. And, let's be real, public transit in Nashville is a joke. I don't excuse this, I just say it's likely a reason for many people to drive after they've been drinking, while justifying it in their minds. When I lived in LA, I was near a subway at almost all hours of the night, or a bus if worse came to worst. I never had the mindset that I would be driving after drinking because it wasn't necessary. In Nashville, you have to plan around it because there's no alternative minus pricey cab fares. And so, in turn, people are used to driving themselves everywhere, which results in people driving themselves to bars and driving home. Stricter laws would probably diffuse this issue over time, but it would be a long process.

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