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05-04-2012, 07:39 AM
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Trotz's dilemma

1. The easiest choice is to keep Rads-Kost out of the lineup.
Trotz won't be faulted as much if they lose. Go with the winning lineup. He can always insert them later if they lose.

2. It's close to impossible to win the Cup with last game's lineup. Watching the defensive teams like St-Louis get mauled these playoffs and teams with great goaltending and extra firepower going forward, it's a question of time Nashville hits a roadblock. Classic Preds hockey has never gotten them beyond this point.

3. Is later in this series the best time to insert them? Odds are, Rads-Kost are inserted back in the lineup these series. It's either now or after a loss. If it's after a loss, they're inserted in a do-or-die game (likely on the road).

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