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05-04-2012, 07:42 AM
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I think Berglund and Steen are real possiblities, while I am not sold on Bäckström (could take another 8-9 days, plus he has been hurt etc).

If Berglund comes, the obvious option is to just build a 4th line around him and Steen. But for a couple of reasons I am not sold on that set-up, a real "4th line" makes sense at times. Berglund needs a bigger role to be successful. How good of a match is a line really with Zetterberg and Franzen on it, with Zetterberg at center and a "outside winger"??? I think there is a risk of Zetterberg becoming too defensive at center and Franzen to isolated high up ice offensively, I've seen tendancy's of that in international tournaments before. I would probably get a little creative if those two joined the team.

My line-up:
Ståhlberg-Berglund-Franzen//Berglund's game is built around his ability to streak down ice with speed. You utilize centers like that best by having wingers who can win battles in the neutral zone for the puck along the boards, and get it to center ice. Its a classic set-up, like playing Sundin with Ulf Dahlen and Fredrik Modin at his wings.
Hedman-S. Kronwall//Behind this line we have two D's are good at winning battles for the puck and passing it up ice in straight lanes.

Zetterberg-Järnkrok-Silvferberg//I am actually tremendously impressed by the poise of the two kids on this line, but reality is that they could face a line of like Perry-Getzlaf-Penn in this tournament, and in order to give them a fair chance to play their game all the way I would put Z next to them. I also think that Zetteberg really would understand J and S offensively, and I am not 100% sold on Landeskog on that line...
Hjalmarsson-E. Karlsson//Karlsson on the ice at the same time with Järnkrok and Silfverberg would really be a nightmare for a defending team.

Eriksson-Lundqvist-Alfredsson//I thought long and hard on the positioning of the centers on the two other lines, but decided to go with this set up. The 1st line gives us a speedy and powerful N-S-striking ability. That line would be hard to handle for the European teams. The 2nd line gives us a ton of finesse and tic-tac-toe ability. They will turn teams inside out and be valuble offensive against any team. Hence, I've choosen to construct my 3rd and 4th line so that both would be gritty to play against for any team. This is a line you could use for late FO's. You could expect some scoring from. And so forth.

Landeskog-Kreuger-Steen//More of a energy/checking line.

This line is just my own construction, and I am sure many will be confused by them. But the above is what I would use.

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