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05-04-2012, 09:16 AM
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It really does amaze me how much playoff tickets do cost. Last year, I played "stubhub roullette" for every game and ended up doing pretty well...but keep in mind our opponents were from out west...not Detroit or Chicago. Although it was frustrating sometimes to get stuck behind a railing or pay more than I wanted for tickets that were leftover, etc. This year, my wife and I ended up buying a pair of playoff tickets for all games through a friend of mine that is a season ticket holder. It paid off well for the first round against Detroit! I totally agree that the cost of moving on through the playoffs is a bittersweet pill. I love the Preds and have a blast at every game.... but the cost of tickets is pretty outrageous for normal people. I just saw the pricing for Rounds 3 and 4 and again....and those prices are very "unreasonable" in my opinion. I'm going all the way for the team this year but I will think long and hard about doing this next year....its just A LOT of money!

I guess many of the big cities have ticket holders that are mostly corporate. It doesn't seem like that in Smashville. I do know of some corporate seats but a lot of them seem to just regular everyday people. But so far, the arena has been filled for all of the playoff games....I guess it makes me feel better to know that there are 17,000 other people out there that are just as crazy as I am!

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