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05-04-2012, 08:30 AM
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The biggest issue the Flyers have had is the Devils forecheck... The Dcore is just not good starting the rush. I cringe every time the puck is on the stick of Lilja, Gus, Grossman, or Carle in our own zone and we're trying to start the rush.

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"I have tickets in the lower black seats at prudential center row 2 by the flyers we have had the seats for years including in the old stadium. Most games are quite with rival teams we get some banter or chanting this Includes many flyers fans in the past. Tonight we got attacked by 3 drunk violent fans unprovoked and witnessed 4 other Philly fans all men walking up from section 7 attack 3 young women trying to punch them and then 2 young men trying to fight anyone on their way out. How does the NHL not report on this? I have witnessed 17 years of devils hockey and never seen such a violent disrespectful group of fans. I have a video I will post a link Tom it is on YouTube It's the three guys who attacked us and then attacked the women after the video. "

"Flyers fans fighting each other outside of Prudential Center. Newark cops tazed them all. Coming to Youtube soon."

I am sorry but I am tired of seeing this. I was attacked by a drunk flyer fan tonight. I didn't say anything to him.

My only question is, why? WHY? Why does this stuff only happen when Flyer fans are in the building, and the best part is there were only about 300 of you guys there. I met many good flyer fans over the years but have seen too many violent incidents. I am just sick of it.
Yes Devils fans are always polite and mild mannered when they come into our building. You know, other than the 2 or 3 dozen or so incidents where I've seen Devils fans being complete *******s...

Dumb people do dumb things.

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