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11-23-2003, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by n8
telling people to cancel tickets, whatever, etc. won't work in reality. the ranger's season tickets waiting list... well there is one so if one cancels, someone else will be there to take the spot. and we won't stop buying merchandise or stop buying tickets. simply because we are ranger fans. through and through, we bleed blue.

we all know that this teams problems start at the "where's my cold diet pepsi" top. so while you can "hit him where it hurts" a lone mosquito will not garner the attention of an donkey. but if 1000, 5000, 10000 mosquitos swarm the donkey, it's gonna run for cover.

more realistic than cancelling your season tickets or burning your jersey is if ranger fans could some how arrange a sit out. when some team like LA comes to town (so there won't be a lot of commuting fans like if it was a NJ game) everyone, and i mean EVERYONE sits out. no one shows up. if the rangers fans could unite to be heard, i think that's more of a way to get something done. even if there are only 1000 people in the garden, i think that would have a tremendous effect. set up a pickett line outside and get the media involved.

one ranger game alone brings in around $1 million dollars in ticket sales. one ranger game alone probably brings in another 100,000 in concessions. MSG probably gets a lot of other business in one rangers game. sit out and they get none. sit out and they not only miss out on revnue. sit out and they have another $1 million dollars worth of personel and operation salary they have to dish out. sit out and who knows how much more money they'll be losing. you're $60 boycott will not be missed. together a $2.5 million boycott will be noticed. that and the PR disaster that would ensue.

any volunteers for project management? does anyone even agree that that might be a good idea that might work?
Once again, there is no waiting list--walk right up during a game and you can be sitting in "your" seats by the end of the 2nd period.

As for your idea of a boycott: it happens almost every game. Thousands of people don't show up, more show up late, leave early or just read the paper during the game.

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