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05-04-2012, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by mapes View Post
Okay we might not have then. I mean who knows? Everyone always talks about these rankings but every team has very different rankings after the top 3. Leafs could have made a different big trade and got somebody totally different than Kessel which would have changed their finish. I mean there is so many "what ifs" no one can really say they would have drafted Hamilton, it isn't near as obvious as finishing bottom 2. No one can argue that Leafs would not have drafted Seguin or Hall (depending on their finish) but at 6th-10th or whatever it's really anyones guess.

As for the Beauchemin deal, if Leafs got bent over for Kessel or easily lost than so did Anaheim. Yes, Loops was considered a salary dump but remember how bad Beauchemin was with us? He was actually our whipping boy who turned the puck over nonstop. Lupul was 6th in points league wide before he got hurt while Gardiner was very good as a rookie. Plus they still get a draft pick.
I think with the benefit of hindsight both teams lost handily, clearly Burke wouldnt have done the deal if he knew the picks were going to be #2 and #9, and I'm not sure Anaheim would have done the deal either. At the time of both deals however I could see why all parties would execute such deals.

You're right about rankings, hell look at the Jets, they took Schiefle at seven who I didnt even think would sniff the top 10. That allowed us to get Hamilton instead of Murphy I'm assuming. All I'm saying is, Hamilton was seen as a very highly touted prospect, and teams wouldnt have been floored if Hamilton was taken ahead of Larsson.

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