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05-04-2012, 08:51 AM
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See I don't do the pre-game for energy. Energy is long term. It depends on your diet over a period of days, weeks. Sleep too. And avoiding things that throw your body out of whack, like alcohol or anything that throws off your digestion.

Your "fuel" should be glycogen stores in the muscles and liver. Unless you're playing for 3+ hours multiple days in a row, you shouldn't really need to carb load.

Too much food, and you feel too full, which can make some people sick to their stomach, distract other people, or slow you down as the body diverts energy to digestion.

Too little food can make you feel hungry, which can be a distraction. If you're getting lightheaded or feeling weak during games, something's off with your diet, not short-term, long-term.

After the game, a meal with some protein and carbs is all you need. I don't think it's crucial for "recovery" aside from just eating a good bit of food, preferably real food, until you're not hungry anymore. Unless you're playing and practicing and working out daily, in which case you'll probably need a lot more specialized advice than what you're getting on an internet forum.

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