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11-23-2003, 09:40 AM
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jessiman vs princeton

i went to the dartmouth game last night...

and all i have to say is jessiman is a friggin MONSTER...sometimes you see a guy and he doesn't look as big as the roster says, jessiman looks bigger...

he has filled out big time since the draft shows on msg, his legs look like tree trunks...i was talking to a girl that grew up with jessiman in ct and while i can't confirm the accuracy of this, she says that hugh put on 40lbs over the summer and is now 6'5 240...and he has a mean streak to go with it...

offensively, jessiman has great vision and made some beautiful passes...he also has a real good wrist shot--low, hard and accurate...eventhough his line only scored 2 goals, practically everytime he had the puck in the offensive zone a scoring chance was created...he was created with 4 shots in the official box score, but imo it was closer to 10

defensively, he knew where to be and was in good position...he needs to continue to improve but he was NOT 'lost'

his skating can use some work...once he gets going he moves pretty well for a guy his size, and you don't need that much speed when you're that big. but the first few strides before he gets up to speed looked a bit awkward...he needs to work on his quickness and first few steps before he is ready for the next level...

he also can add more strength...he has the size but when you watch nhl powerforwards they can just power thru guys and they are impossible to knock off the puck...additional lower & upper body strength would make him impossible to handle in the corners...and given his work ethic this will happen

I also loved the leadership he showed, i was right next to the dartmouth bench and hugh was standing practically the whole game yelling things at his teams and everytime someone came back after a good shift or nice play, hugh would reach over and tap the guy on the head and say good job

he isn't ready yet, but imo he will definitely be the real deal...i could see him making the job to hartford next year (if he decides to leave school) and he might be ready for ny in 2 years or so

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