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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
This year there is no finger pointing imo. The majority of the team played bad hockey. Fleury was very bad, but he looked even worse thanks to the atrocious team defense. The players were bad and the coaches were out-coached. Just a bad series for the entire team.
I'd say the series came down to special teams this year. Horrible PK and the PP let in 3 shorties. With a better PK and a PP that actually gives a **** when the puck isn't on their stick, we would be playing NJ right now. Even with how bad Fleury played. Now there is no telling if we'd make it out of this round...

Game 1: The Flyers were 1/1 on the PP. That one PP goal was scored near the end of the 3rd period to tie the game up and send it to OT where we lost.

Game 2: We come out and scored 2 goals, only to let up a SH goal about 3 minutes later. Then in the second period we let up a PP goal with another SH goal right after. There's your ball game. Flyers were 1/2 on the PP.

Game 3: We start off the game strong again with a goal, but 3 minutes later we let up another SH goal. Then the Flyers cash in with another PP goal. Every time we got within striking distance from there on out (until it got out of hand), the Flyers scored a PP goal. The Flyers were 4/7 on the PP.

Game 6: We let the Flyers get up early with a PP goal in the 1st giving them enough momentum to carry them through the rest of the game.

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