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05-04-2012, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
That Montreal series still infuriates me. We were SO much better than that team. It took bad games from Fleury and Halak playing out of his mind to make up the difference and it happened. Still, we played right into their gameplan all series. How many of our 40 shots were even close to a scoring chance? I knew Philly was going to make an easy series out of it because they just crashed and banged into the house and made Halak uncomfortable. It was the first example of Bylsma being thoroughly out-coached in a playoff series.

The Tampa series is tough to judge because of the roster we had out there. Fleury was up and down in the series. I wouldn't call it a good series for him, but when you lose in a game 7 1-0 you can't really blame the goalie. The finger can be pointed squarely at the powerplay.

This year there is no finger pointing imo. The majority of the team played bad hockey. Fleury was very bad, but he looked even worse thanks to the atrocious team defense. The players were bad and the coaches were out-coached. Just a bad series for the entire team.
I agree with all of this. None of these series were solely on Fleury (it is a team game after all). I was just pointing out that he wasn't the first year he sucked in the playoffs. The shot totals in the Montreal series were certainly misleading. We fired a ton from the perimeter that most goalies would stop. Your analysis is spot on IMO.

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