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05-04-2012, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
Yeah special teams was certainly the biggest factor. It's just amazing how automatic the Flyers PP was against us and how brutal it is against NJ. I know I keep coming back to this, but why Bylsma didn't change the personnel on the PK (with Malkin, Crosby, Kunitz, etc.), for even a shift, to try and throw off the Philly PP is beyond me. It really infuriates me. I need to just let it go but it's the one area that I blame significantly on coaching in that series.
I'm right there with ya. It pisses me off to no ends how our awesome PK (in the regular season) with all of our grinders who people claim are so valuable to this team, couldn't do anything to stop Philly's PP. The coaching staff kept trotting them out there expecting different results, when clearly they were outmatched. It was a complete joke, and that's something that has to change next season.

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