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05-04-2012, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Sivek View Post
Luongo is better than MAF, there's no two ways about it. His playoff "meltdowns" are way overblown but he is torched for it because of his attitude (the Tim Thomas tire pumping stuff) and because he plays in a rabid market....
This is more or less how I look at it. Realistically it's pretty hard to argue that Luongo wouldn't give us a better chance to win. Clearly once re-unite with Sid the Gold Medal Magic will return. But seriously he is a better goalie, so as much as I prefer Fleury's attitude in the room, it's hard to understand (unless it's the contract) why people say they wouldn't trade MAF for Luongo. It won't happen of course because VAN doesn't need MAF but in theory people should be all for it, IF the objective is to obtain a better goalie.

Originally Posted by Jacob View Post
Fleury hasn't been great in the playoffs since 08. Even in 09 he was equal to Marty Biron, getting outplayed by Varlamov or shoveling pucks into his own net against the Red Wings. He came up huge when he had to, but he was also a big reason why the Penguins went down 0-2 in the Finals, and why the Caps series wasn't over in 5 or 6.

And if you're comfortable with a goaltender performing as Fleury did in 09, that's cool. He definitely hasn't done anything since then.. and whatever clutch abilities he established for himself in 08 and 09 were just as quickly erased in the past 2-3 playoffs.
This is all accurate IMO, as much as I don't like to admit it (as a fan of MAF). Flower was great at the right times / when our backs were to the wall in '09, but he wasn't great overall and had some really bad moments / bad mental lapses. Which, you always prefer technique problems to mental issues with goalies. Techniques can be fixed. Mental weaknesses are much tougher to overcome.

Originally Posted by Kovifan27 View Post
Elliot for the Blues is ******** the bed right now. Every goalie no matter how well they play is going to have a bad stretch. He was an insulated goalie. Just like Bryz was in Pho. Are you going to tell me Smith is an elite goalie?
Tippett brought Smith to PHX for a reason; he saw something in him / he felt there was big potential there. I wouldn't call Smith "elite" until he does what he did this year, at least two or three seasons in a row. However he has definitely improved his game. That aside, all goalies with great statistics, are great in part because they have good D around them who force lots of bad angle shots, etc. It's extremely rare to find dominant goalies who play behind crappy or mediocre defenses. Roy and Brodeur played some of their best years behind very good D squads.

Originally Posted by SicKFreaK View Post
Jordan Staal and Paul Martin to Carolina for Skinner Gleason and Sutter
Skinner is arguably worth as much or more than Staal. He'll never be as good defensively but he's not bad in that regard and he's definitely more skilled offensively. They wouldn't do that deal IMO. We'd have to add an early draft pick or great prospect.

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