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05-04-2012, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by neil2005 View Post
I'm a season ticket holder and today I got my invoice already for next season, and after the disappointing season the Habs had, they have the nerve to raise the price of season tickets once again. It's a raise of about 100 dollars from last year, but I thought the prices would be the same as last year considering the awful season we went through this year.
I was curious whether this would happen. Very disappointed to see so little customer appreciation from the organization. Yes, I get the supply-and-demand concept, and I understand that our fan base's demand carries an unstoppable inertia, but this is the equivalent of spilling the coffee on your customer and then charging him for the cleanup. At some point, a business has to give back, at least symbolically. This organization seems to be taking for granted that we'll ALWAYS be there; go back a decade for proof that this isn't true.

I bought a ticket package last year (not full season, however). Will probably buy again, but I'm not nearly as motivated.

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