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11-23-2003, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by herecomesdabus
I think Peca might be shopped. He's been getting increased icetime like he's getting showcased.

I think guys like Peca/Parrish/Cairns/Niinimaa/Martinek/Timander

can all be had.

MM crying he has to trim payroll. I think he's more concerned with trimming the logjam on the roster.

MM has the right approach by saying he has to trim payroll. What is he suppose to say?

I want to trade some of my expensive trash!

what he's supposed to do is put a playoff contender on the ice,keeping this yr's attendance up for Wang's Nets bid,while trying to set the team up for post-2004 salary cap.

Aucoin+Hamrlik are 2-3 yrs older then Niinimma,closer to walking away as ufas,which is why i think one of them would be dealt before Niinimaa..

Isles have already admitted shopping Peca/Parrish/Cairns/Timander at one point or another during the last 6 Peca is a gamble at a time when Wang's trying to sell himself to the NBA as the best possible owner of the NJ Nets.Wang's smart enough to see the parrallels between Milsteins/Redskins and Wang/Nets.

Martinek makes about $800,000 and with Aucoin and Hamrlik rfas this summer,looking for raises,I don't see the Isles trading the cheap Martinek.

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