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05-04-2012, 11:20 AM
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On the subject, while I am pro Q (and pro-Michigan...), Habs have done it in the past. Yet, YES, Bergevin will get the credit....Why? 'Cause the guy was just hired 2 freakin days ago and already makes a move in the direction he says he'll be heading. What's the problem?

But the Habs already had their Q combine. Timmins is already visiting a lot of Quebec rinks. Timmins does invite some Q players (don't always agree with the names, but he does invite the players anyway) and so on.....Yet, nobody knows that...Why? Not the fans freakin fault if Gainey and Gauthier made a piss poor job of protecting their head scout by telling what's REALLY happening. At one point, I expect Bergevin to really come to Timmins defense as far as the local content is all about. As of now, Bergevin, and HE WAS TOTALLY RIGHT, mentioned that we need to be more present. Not throwing Timmins under the bus for saying it, that wasn't Timmins call but Gauthier and Gainey. But now, he'll have to explain to people that Timmins is sensitive to the issue and that he is present in the rinks. I'm expecting to hear that soon.

And at one point, to stop the Claude Giroux madness, I would expect Timmins to come out and say that this was indeed an evaluation mistake. And based on what he told me at the camp after that draft, it was CLEARLY a mistake. Add the LOVE for that US scout for Fischer, and clearly that was a 1st round that turned badly. But by being as secret as we were before, this was not helping. You did sense that neither of our 2 past GM's cared that much for local talent and that the only moves in that regard was made to shut up people and not because they actually really cared about Desharnais and Co. Now, Bergevin will most likely continiue on that route and surely add a few things but then, the perception will be that it's because he cares. When an organization is that secretive, perception kicks in. That's THEIR problem. Not anybody's else.

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