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Originally Posted by CobraAcesS View Post
I quoted the wrong person. The Leafs have Biggs (Power forward drafted last year)

The only guy I would have significant interest in is Kreider and that's probably a non-starter unless some sort of package could be worked out.

Just not that interested in smaller guys. Both of our best forward prospects (Sgrabossa & Hishon) are smaller centers at 5'11 & 5'10"

Edit : J.T. Miller is interesting but HF does not give a good read on what his future looks like. Says he projects as a second line guy and is a good two-way forward. HF does not seem to have info on a lot of guys from the 11-12 season. For instance Sgrabossa is 5'11 & 175lbs : Won the scoring title in the OHL this year w/ GP 66 G 47 A 55 P 102
Thanks for courtesy follow up.

No dis, but thanks no, Kreider is off the table except for package for uber elite (Malkin Stamkos).

I hear what you're saying which MAY translate into the old sports adage "usually the good big man beats the good little man", mostly in reference to boxing.

This assumes that in comparing two, the good big man is close in speed to the good little man, who he bests in reach and possibly strength. Balance is usually good. Speed kills. Height, like speed, cannot be taught.

Rangers have some bigger players/prospects but we're keeping these for ourselves or to use for upgrade.

While Thomas honestly is a boom bust risk, + is not a big Kreider type he has bonafide skill set, so I gathered he would possibly address your comment also suggested about W in the OP:
"Do you not think we have a serious lack of talent at wing coming in the pipe line while having other areas we could deal from to even it out?"

I get however, where you're coming from. You're looking for Anisimov like guys, not a bad basic model to rely on.

As to JT Miller, we're happy w/him so far.
We project him as Kreider lite.

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