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05-04-2012, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Frankie View Post
its strange in that newfoundlanders are apparently the only canadians who think this way. just as a couple of examples, bigger cities like halifax and quebec city much prefer junior hockey. the ahl failed on both places, and the qmjhl has thrived in both cities for years.

i just don't know why newfoundlanders are so drastically different in their tastes of hockey.

why do we see so much junior hockey on national tv, yet we see absolutely no ahl hockey at all? if it makes so much sense to want to see the highest quality hockey we can see, wouldn't sportsnet be showing ahl games instead of junior games?
This is Frankies most common theme. Basically he is saying that the rest of Canada "gets it" about the CHL and AHL, and by inference we must be somehow wrong headed to prefer the AHL here in St. John's. There is a sense of self-superiority in Frankies posts as he of course in his own mind, "gets it".

It has to be tough realizing that a large majority of your fellow hockey fans reject your preference.

Do I have to post those Fog Devils attendances again?

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