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Originally Posted by hckyplayer8 View Post
The offense and special teams carried us through the whole season and the 1st round.

Now that the well has dried up some, it would be nice for our mega expensive goalie to show his worth.

do you want every goalie to come here to play like Johnathan quick? honestly i dont know he would have stop that rebound shot if he was faster than a speed of light, your problem is money, is that all you worry about is how much we payed for a goalie rather then whole team not winning hockey games or scoring goals?

you hate bryz fine but dont make everything his fault just because this team plays flat every game this whole series, he cant score goals or do you want him to do that too? are you that blind? you honestly dont get why flyers won a cup in 75 because they played as team, which the flyers in the last 30 years have never been hungry for championship, it's pure lazyness and not caring,

only one that cares is bryz, which you dont care anyway.

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