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Originally Posted by BigDuke6 View Post
One of the things I had to get over when I started last year was trying not to fall. Everyone falls, NHLers fall all the time, it happens. As someone else said, if you aren't pushing yourself and getting outside of your comfort zone, you won't make as much progress.
I watched a game once specifically looking for falls. I figured that if I saw how often the pros fall, it wouldn't make me feel so bad. I noticed that they often fall - but they get up very quickly, so you don't notice it unless you're looking for it. Or, unless they fall very frequently. I forget which game it was, but there was a player who was falling constantly. That was noticeable.

It's sometimes the stupid stuff that we worry about as beginners. I felt stupid because I couldn't reach down and just pick up my stick - I always had to take a knee to be able to grab it. Then I saw Giroux do this exact same thing at a game the other day. I said "oh wow! So that's how you're supposed to do it?" My husband laughed at me and asked what I thought I was supposed to be doing to pick it up. I told him I had thought I was just really inflexible, or poorly balanced that I couldn't get low enough to pick it up without going onto a knee.

I know he thought I was crazy, but it's those things that worry n00bs a lot, I think. I know I'm going to be bad at playing hockey - but I don't want to look silly doing the little things like coming over the boards onto the ice, picking up a stick, etc.!

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