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Originally Posted by MacJagr View Post
I'm interested to know what's your take on this. I was just talking about this Bryz situation with a bunch people. Just to get this out of the way first, Bryz probably won't be worth his contract but IMO we have to deal with it. He's more than enough to get the job done, regardless of the outcome this season, I will still give the guy another chance, show some patience, it could pay off in the end who knows.

Now, back to what I wanted to say, I honestly believe that the problem should not get pinned all on the goalie, but for the majority of the part it should be blamed on the system itself. The Flyers play an offensive minded system, meaning that this type of system leaves out the goalie with very minimal defensive support, Now, ofcourse we also have a history of getting mediocre goaltenders themselves, however judging by the amount of goalies we've gone through in the last decade, this should really just prove that this type of system doesn't work for the goaltenders, no matter who we bring (Well unless we bring some super awesome robot goalie, but for now we won't so we'll just leave it at that.)

Here's where I am getting at, the system needs to be changed to become just a tad more defensive oriented rather than offensive. We've seen how goalies tend to play when the D is sharp and focus, so if by making the system favour the D a bit more, it could really pay off. This will suit the goaltender, and it might mean sacrificing a bit of offence, but I honestly believe this will work out in the long run. And just so people don't take what I say out of context, I'm not saying to rid of our offence and go out all D, far from it, I just think at this point and with all the factors taken into consideration (injuries, inconsistent goaltending etc) this whole team could benefit with a bit more defence. This team needs develop a system that will have all the players on the same page.

Now, regardless of the outcome of this post season, I will slide this one off. Take into consideration that he's been taken out of a system that is completely defensive and reintroduced into a completely offensive one, and then also take into account the injuries we have had with our D haven't really helped him out. So he has another chance to prove that he is capable of doing this - which I fully believe he is.

That's my take on it.
I agree with you.

And we have seen this play out when Bryz was player of the month, games 5,6 vs pit, and all games vs NJD. Bryz has been solid, when we are not running around like turkeys in our own end, which isn't most of the time.

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