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Originally Posted by frackiewicz View Post
I watched a game once specifically looking for falls. I figured that if I saw how often the pros fall, it wouldn't make me feel so bad. I noticed that they often fall - but they get up very quickly, so you don't notice it unless you're looking for it. Or, unless they fall very frequently. I forget which game it was, but there was a player who was falling constantly. That was noticeable.

It's sometimes the stupid stuff that we worry about as beginners. I felt stupid because I couldn't reach down and just pick up my stick - I always had to take a knee to be able to grab it. Then I saw Giroux do this exact same thing at a game the other day. I said "oh wow! So that's how you're supposed to do it?" My husband laughed at me and asked what I thought I was supposed to be doing to pick it up. I told him I had thought I was just really inflexible, or poorly balanced that I couldn't get low enough to pick it up without going onto a knee.

I know he thought I was crazy, but it's those things that worry n00bs a lot, I think. I know I'm going to be bad at playing hockey - but I don't want to look silly doing the little things like coming over the boards onto the ice, picking up a stick, etc.!
Scott Hartnell falls so often they have a website that tracks it:

And he played in the All Star game this year.

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