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05-04-2012, 01:57 PM
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Most likely

Grossman must feel like an idiot, "yeesh they spent a 4th to get rid of me" proper.

Interesting that so many 4th's have failed in our history. FWIW, this was lower 4th. Shanny had him pegged as the 3rd best QB. If he was right and all the other GM's were wrong, I can live with the pick. Until I see Reed starting at FS in game 1. Jammal meh at RT; our NT getting pushed around.

Most skins fans get defensive even suggesting Cousins will be in the mix to start. I wonder what will happen if he dominates in preseason, and 3 struggles. Fans seem to dismiss talking about it and say, don't worry, it won't happen. If so, then maybe Cousins isn't as good as we were led to believe.

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