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Originally Posted by JKP View Post
Ah, well that completely clears it up.

Quick question for anyone, as I'm not up on the RUS-NHL thing: Do the Isles retain his rights indefinitely as long as he's in Russia/KHL or is there a time limit like with other prospects?
Indefinitely - of course that is subject to change in the next CBA.

The current CBA limited draft rights for Euros to two years - as long as there was an IIHF transfer agreement in place. It retained all the Defected Player and Group IV free agency terms of the old (pre-lockout) CBA - but a separate letter agreement suspended those terms if there was an IIHF agreement in place. After the IIHF agreement lapsed, the NHL reverted back to the old rules for countries without a PTA. The NHLPA filed a grievance, but an arbiter upheld the League's position.

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