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05-04-2012, 02:27 PM
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OK, they'll not playing tonite. Why?

There's the "Dance with the one that brung ya" reason. Don't change the line-up after a win. This begs the question, is Trotz saying we're a better team without them, regardless of the late night mischief? Doesn't make sense unless he thinks they'll play like Rads did in Game 2. However, given the success of Game 3 and a mandate to play Predator Hockey, odds are Rads and AK46 would be busting it to prove their worth. Given that, aren't we a better team with them on the ice?

There's the "More punishment for letting the team down" reason. This one actually makes more sense than the other. There is no magic amount of games for atonement. Maybe 2 games gets thru to them more than 1. For the same reason they sat in Game 3, they sit in Game 4. Some may say too excessive, but at least its consistent.

Then there's the "There's something else going on here" reason. This is where I land. I think the coaching staff has been building resentment toward both guys over the past few weeks. Rads fell into carrying the puck all over the place trying to get open for a shot, and not playing a team game. AK46 would disappear for long periods of time. Much like his brother. The rule violation allowed the staff to do what they probably wanted to do earlier because they weren't getting thru to them. They've rationalized that against this particular opponent, we're just as good (worse on the PP, better even), so why not use this opportunity to send the strongest message possible.

The shame here is, we've dumb ed down our team toward one dimensional Pred Hockey when we have the guns to do that AND match talent for talent when we have to. It scares me we've kidded ourselves into thinking Game 3 is a prototype for everything we want to be. We scored two freak goals, and they hit a few posts.

Are we going to feel good if we lose tonite and we didn't put our best team on the ice? Clearly, our best team includes these guys, AND have them hustling and scoring like they did down the stretch of the regular season and in the first series.

Trotz is open to second guessing either way if we lose. If we win, as in Game 3, he'll have been right. However, it's not about how his decision will be perceived, its about winning the game. We all hailed Poile for "going for it" at the deadline. We've just taken two bullets out of the chamber.

ain't the drama grand.

Well, at least there will be no booing tonite.

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