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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Interesting. Ok. What type of system though? Trap (which I think is an overrated and boring system)? You cant just "make it alittle more defensive". Im assuming no more defensive pitching, forchecking would be lighter, etc etc. The reason we can score though is the type of players that are in the system. We have fast, smaller players who have skill with a few big guys who can get in front of that net and push people around.
It wins games though, even if it was boring. At this point, I would say winning should be a priority, I don't care how the team wins, but it needs to win. Whatever it takes I guess. To be honest if this completely offensive system hasn't screwed us over, I wouldn't be bothered or *****ing about it, because in the end we'd still be winning. But it's not getting us the results we want, and the D looks worse than ever. It is relying too much on the offence and we all know that they can't bail us out every single game. If they did, I wouldn't be talking about this. This is why a more balanced system would be a lot useful.

But yea players like Briere etc, forwards who dont play alot of defense wont survive a defensive system. It's not that the players DONT play defense, its more that their lost in it. I do think the players are a main concern though.
You are right about players like Briere not being able to survive a completely defensive system, and actually there's no point in giving him a defensive role because he's offensively gifted. Which is why I'm not saying we should go out all D. Implement small changes and give the players who are capable of playing D more of a D role. Change up the line a bit, moving Briere to the wings for example- that way he would be less of a defensive liability than when he is on C. - Have the players involved more in D. Simple as that.

Remember, two years ago, this high octane offense had a defense that made Leighton look like one of the top goalies in the league.
Two years ago, and under completely different circumstances. This team is not the same as two years ago.

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