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05-04-2012, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Adam Thilander View Post
You should probably move that protein bar to after the game.
Eh, if you look @ the physical contents of a Power Bar, its mostly Carbs (2:1 ratio of Glucose to fructose) and is really designed for a quick energy. It also has roughly 200-250mg of sodium which is a key electrolyte we loose in sweat which is notorious for muscle cramping and early lactic acid setting in. Plus a little protein (good protein) right before game time is good for the body (anywhere from 7-10 grams) I eat it an hour before game time (pending on how I'm feeling full wise, half or whole thing), so that by the time the 3rd period hits its starting to give me that extra bit of energy I need to really push myself for the last 20 min of a game. Now granted I am a carb hound and skate roughly 8-12 hours a week so my daily calorie intake is far higher then the avg person.

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