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05-04-2012, 03:38 PM
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I've done it and not even with a convection oven.

I baked my Kor Shift2's which are slightly different, but they came with instructions for baking at home.

The key is to pre-heat your oven and then turn it off and let the skates sit in it and warm up without an "active" heat source.

This prevents them from getting hot spots, burning, melting, etc.

I would do the following for each skate one at a time:

Heat oven to 200 F and turn off
take a baking sheet and place a hand towel or folded towel on it
place skate on towel and put in oven. shut the overn door and turn on the light to check on it.

Check every couple minutes, but it'll probably need 7-10 minutes.

Then take the skate out, fit to foot, and let cool.

Repeat for the other skate.

IMO, more of an issue if baking at home is that you make sure you're well prepared with a good place to fit the skates to your feet and stand in them while they cool where the floor is protected from the blades. I had to use a thick cutting board to avoid scratching wood floors or damaging carpet. It worked OK but I wished I had a little more space to move in.

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