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05-04-2012, 03:38 PM
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I have always preferred the NA style of play and small ice , but the time has certainly come to enlarge the playing surface . There is just not enough room for all the people on the ice including the officials .

I had not attended an NHL game since 1981 in Toronto until a couple of seasons ago when I attended one and after watching it and seeing how the players absolutely had no room to do anything... did I realize that the players had outgrown the ice surface and had very little time or space to accomplish anything . It was like watching guys play in a phone booth !

One can argue that we would lose the intensity of playing on a smaller ice surface but ask anyone who has followed any of the rivalries in the World Juniors or Olympics and tell me that it is not intense or exciting . With parity in the NHL and division rivalries abound the excitement would still follow with an increase of 2 feet all around the ice surface .

One can argue about money but...taking out 1 row of seating would not matter as all they would have to do is just charge a bit more for the first row in the next level and so on and so forth as they go higher thus nullifying any losses . It is very doable...and every team could do the same . The only added costs would be to the fans and if the product is better...they will pay .

I think if we did something like this we could add a lot of small skilled guys who just never get the chance because of their size disadvantage . The games would be faster and much more exciting !

One of the hardest things to change might be getting every rink in NA to be able to do this as most of the rural rinks barely can pay the lighting and electrical costs to keep their rinks up as it is right now . Our local arena had to install a windmill just to cut down it's own electric costs every Winter .

I love the idea guys...sure hope that it I'm tired of seeing guys concussed because they have run out of highway and the ditches are dangerous !

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