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Originally Posted by steev182 View Post
What do you use for your camera? Isn't it distracting knowing you have that attached to your helmet? It was great seeing you tip in a goal though (so it probably isn't that distracting!).
I bought a Veho Muvi camcorder off of Amazon, it was perfectly priced for a starving college student, it was only like $40-50. It's not HD quality by any means, but it certainly gets the job done. I superglued a strip of velcro to the front of my helmet, and the back of the tiny camera. So I just velcro it on for gametime It's really tiny, like 2x1", it's barely noticeable.

That was my fourth goal of the season! Three of them were basically that, me mucking around the front of the net, the other was a zero-angle softie. Since I just started in Nov., I still have a lot of time before I'm picking the corners . It's funny, I'm really fast when I get going, but I cough up the puck SO easy.

I guess I'll post a game clip here every week! (And I'll lower the volume too, I forgot about that...)

Oh, and that's a good idea about using the stick as a crutch to get up speedily, I'll remember that next time.

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