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05-04-2012, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Zuccarello Awesome View Post
Was thinking the same thing.

I'm sure the goal would've counted because the NHL loves to screw us.

We would've had a huge thread about how the play should've been blown dead because it's basically interference by the goal horn guy. Totally unfair and not right that some idiot can press the button when he thinks the puck was in even tho the ref immediately signaled NO GOAL. Caps should actually be fined, IMO.

To be honest, approaching it critically, the goal should've counted if it occurred. One thing I love about hockey is that more than any other sport, it is a game of no excuses. You play to the whistle, period.

You have to understand that the distraction is equal for everybody. They could've been just as easily distracted and we end up getting some huge odd man rush the other way. You don't stop until you hear a whistle, period. Just like with icing, you don't take it for granted (and we've all seen the times someone does, play continues, the other team scores etc).

The players are close enough to still hear the whistle regardless of the loud horn. They also can easily see the ref signal no goal. Distraction? Yes. Reason to disallow any goal that results thereafter? Not really.

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