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05-04-2012, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Jacks Johnson View Post
Agree, many want the Nashville model, but Nashville will most likely get knocked out again this year because they lack scoring. Or, look no further than the la kings, who traded j Johnson and a first to us because they couldn't score. We move Nash, and who's back in our top 6, umberger, letestu.....
If Phoenix eliminates Nashville, I certainly hope you'll stand by what you said there - because the Coyotes would not be considered a high end offensive team by anyone's stretch of imagination.

Looking at the eight remaining playoff teams, they ranked as follows:

NY Rangers, 187 goals against, 2.28 GAA, 1st in Eastern Conference
Washington Capitals, 230 goals against, 2.80 GAA, 7th in East
New Jersey Devils, 209 goals against, 2.55 GAA, 3rd in East
Philadelphia Flyers, 232 goals against, 2.83 GAA, 9th in East

St. Louis Blues, 165 goals against, 2.01 GAA, 1st in Western Conference
LA Kings, 179 goals against, 2.18 GAA, 2nd in West
Phoenix Coyotes, 204 goals against, 2.49 GAA, 5th in West
Nashville Predators, 210 goals against, 2.56 GAA, 6th in West

Now, comparing that to their offensive totals:

NY Rangers, 226 goals for, 8th in Eastern Conference
Washington Capitals, 222 goals for, 10th in East
Philadelphia Flyers, 264 goals for, 3rd in East
New Jersey Devils, 228 goals for, 7th in East

St Louis Blues, 210 goals for, 9th in Western Conference
LA Kings, 194 goals for, 14th in West
Nashville Predators, 237 goals for, 3rd in West
Phoenix Coyotes, 216 goals for, 6th in West

My argument would be that defense did, and still does, win championships. A forward can go through hot and cold streaks - on some nights they may not get a shot on goal, while on others they may score four or five points - whereas a good, solid defense, that shows up every night - in front of a good, solid goaltender - will almost assuredly win you more games.

I still believe in building from the net out. Our 202 goals for isn't great, but add in another 20 goal scorer or two, and we're right in the middle of the pack as far as goals for goes.

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